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Anthony Yaman D. Cabal

Poverty of Families

All they ever think about is how to survive their struggle,
They best be laborin', livin' on with their hustle.
Best be workin' overtime, best be feeding my child,
Best to hand it to the government, than acting all wild.

That's because that's how things work around here,
You have to follow the system cause' you're one useless gear.
But truth be told you just followin' your peers,
to the depths of anger, sadness, and despair.

You don't speak for yourself, so you just play follow the leader,
You just follow blindly and you ain't makin' money either.
Plus your daughter's hungry, who the hell is gon' feed her?
and then you left her for nothing, "Daddy I need ya! "

"Where are you daddy? When I need you the most?
You were there when life's good now you're gone like a ghost"
They had everything before and they so proud that they boast,
But then daddy lost his job, and that's what hurts the most.

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