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Andrew Apel

Machiavelli's Pussycat

My cat sang a song to the bird at the glass
Expressed his desire of making minds meet
My cat made a promise of making time pass
With most sincere cluckings and warblings discreet

My cat did insist he'd fulfill early prophets
And lavishly praised both the lion and lamb
Who would lie down together, not at all specieist,
Without even bringing a pot of mint jam

My cat espoused visions of fauna in unity,
My cat went to London to visit the Queen,
But all gang agley when wee mouse came to high tea
Tooth and claw preferred redness to diplomacy.

Pussycat, pussycat, why must you revert so,
Following these most uncivilized drives?
'Master, humanity taught me no better,
At least I myself don't believe my own lies.'

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