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Andre Labatt

Him, Her, They.

It won't be long and they'll be gone
Gone til the next one comes
There's always someone who'll be there
Other people look and stare
Other people look and don't care
Most think it's funny, it's not fun for me
Just a bit of fun, can't you see
it's not fun for me, cos their doing it to me,
can't you see! it's not fun for me!
some laugh and walk away
some walk away and have a little say,
that's a bit much, is all they say
and I hope tomorrow is a better day.
A day without them having fun at my expense.
A day when they won't talk in past tense.

They're all bullys, no we're not! just a bit of fun
They're all bullys, who look and stare
They're all bullys, who do not care
They see it all and they do naught

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