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Amanda Lukas

And Not a Drop to Drink.

She wanted to be in the sea,
and spread throughout each molecule and expand to each ocean.
She wanted to be the beauty of the sun's reflection
as it rises over the Atlantic Ocean in glorious gleaming ripples
and plants itself in the periwinkle sky.
She always said she'd be happy in the ocean.

'Sprinkle me over the San Fransisco Bay! ', she would say.
And I hear she hated the cold.
But, to this day, in the ground she does lay.

She wanted to be in the ocean,
where she'd be translated to the evaporating rain.
She could fall over her beloved garden
and kiss it with each droplet of an afternoon storm.

She would translate her love through the waves' lullabies
and gently rock sailors to sleep
and wander freely throughout the world,
a traveler,

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