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Allen Harrison

In Da Booth

im obeast with these lyrics like the fat lady at the opera
play the violins because im about to spray the chopper
the chopper is my lyrics im spitting to these so called beast
im the fairytale prince freeing the princess from the beast
killing the booth so bad
when i enter the mic scream
like its too close to the amps
i guest my words are too extreme
candy apples and red paint makes up my candy ride
switching lanes, leaving stains, cus if i stop they hop inside
so i cant take no risk
no risk i can take of this
im super terrific match-less supreme superlative
ace beyond compare the boss over-creative
words cant describe me
so ima describe me at my highest degree
(leave to bars blank)
high pitch
to the top of the peak
my perfection should be wrote out in greek

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