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Alexis Heather Pearl Wiliams

Finding the Inner Soldier of Strength

I stood up and breathed the air laced with positivity and action
but I walked under a sure footed façade
while inside, jelly bones shook.

My timid mind recalled a pep talk spoken to find
the inner soldier of strength and
slowly, rods of iron replaced trembles in my legs;
I walked forward and faced the audience.

Today was my day to be heard,
even if words trembled and faltered
on a tongue too big and dry.
The inner soldier found a spark of courage
and a fear was faced.

But still, after years, the jelly still shakes
until the iron rods appear.
But the solider knows they will hold me up strong;
for as long as I breathe that air laced with positivity and action,
I have courage.

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