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Alex Ramos

Mommy And Me

You dropped me off for the first day of school,
You cried a little and I looked like a fool,
You watched me play, play all day,
As you sat there, you would say,
Don't go too far, stay where I can see you,
I never listened, I’d stray away,

As I grew older I still would play,
But play with girls! I’d say, no way!
School became harder, you'd stay up and say,
You should have done your homework before you went to play,
I laughed, who would want to do homework instead of play?
I never listened, I’d stray away,

As times changed you grew sick,
I tried to make you feel better any way I could,
But the sickness there, could not be overlooked,
You said you'd be fine, it'll all be ok,
I couldn't look I strayed away,

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