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Adrianna Rorie

I Finally See

do I love her do i wanna wife
her or one night her is she the one i dream of during the night
then the sun shine so bright it blinds me so i can't see if it's meant to be but sun don't shine so i can see if her heart is with me
please tell me how could this be the sun is blinding me from lovein
the one who worships me and pleases me but never hurts or betrays me can the the sun stop shining so i can see clearly that her love is were i want to be can u please tell me how much she really loves me
i'm here to say that i don't really won't her to finally part from me cause
now i'm not blind I finally see but now it to late she will come back to me but i'm not bay i see now your the one for me
please sun stop blinding me my love has finally left
but now i see and her love will never be with me.

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