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Adi Niculae

It's You

It's you that I'm bleeding from the wounds of my soul;
it's you that I'm breathing without sense of control;
it's you that I'm dreaming with my eyes opened wide,
it's you that I picture when I close them at night;
it's you that I fear to tear down my whole world;
it's you that I'm drawn to like a ship in a swirl.

It's you that I sip with insatiable thirst,
it's you that I keep as my last thought and first.
It's you that I taste in a sweet-bitter bite,
it's you that I find when I'm searching inside.

It's you that I steal from, the hope of one spark;
it's you that I light to scatter my dark;
it's you that I imprison in the dungeon of me,
it's you that I chain and throw down the key.

It's you that I enjoy when enduring this pain,
it's you that I engrave in my heart with my brain.
It's you that I lust for in unearthly bliss,

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