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Adena Marie Von Gardner

Senses of the Elegy

At a funeral people usually wear black but I'm wearing white
A small glitch of faith trapped by the depths...what a sight
Everything has changed the world now that you are deceased
Even if this is not the path you chose; may your soul rest in peace
I shall sit and stay with you and your one rose coffin
Strangers stop and stare every so often
I sit next to you entwining our hands
Even if you have passed my eyes shall remain on one man
One heart, one love, one past
The love I have for you and others i compare and contrast
All i ask is for things to be like before
I shall look no further and breathe nevermore
My future and memories of my friends and family matter no longer
For they cannot support me like you do...for you are stronger
I think you did know how you made me feel when I looked into your eyes
We were always happy, always together, there was no sadness...there were no lies
I sit here every minute of every hour everyday reading you my elegy
I have always loved you and I still do that's why i want you to be with me
I will stay by you until there is no such thing as the present
Any of my time spent away from you I'll always resent

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